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Monday, August 10, 2009

Tools to Use to Improve Your Softball Pitching Prowess

Tools to Use to Improve Your Softball Pitching Prowess

By Marc Dagenais

Among all the roles in the softball team, one of the important, crucial ones is softball pitching where it doesn't only involve simple case of ball throwing. It involves agility, endurance and strength as to how to pitch the ball properly so, that the opposing hitter's bat won't be able to collide with the ball.

There are different ways to pitch a ball. You can do a fastpitch drop, which involves taking a short stride to increase the level of your release point and leaning a bit forward upon release of the ball so, that your head and shoulders are over your front foot. You can also do fastpitch rise where the ball would be able to spin upon release if you spread your fingers more on the ball and squeezing it out of your fingers. In addition, you can do a fastpitch curve where the movement of your wrist and shoulders make the ball spin more.

Other than taking in these softball pitching tips and putting them into practice, here are some softball pitching equipment that you can use to improve your game.

Throw Max

The throw max is a tool that assists players on how to throw the ball in a correct manner by letting them experience this themselves. This way, they would be able to develop a stronger muscle memory in an easier and more consistent way without risking injury.

Power Throw-Ball Softball

This excellent tool helps players enhance strength, especially the shoulders, and endurance so that, they would be more used to the throwing motion.

Rev Fire

Rev Fire is a wonderful tool that you can use to monitor your speed in throwing a ball. This includes three softballs as well as a monitor provides you quick feedback on how quick you pitch a ball.

Glove Radar

Glove radar is an electronic gadget that accurately measures the throwing speed of not just pitchers but also of infielders, outfielders as well as catchers. It's easy to use as you just have to attach it to any glove that you use when practicing the sport.

Weighted Softball Training Ball

The weighted softball training ball can be used either for enhancing shoulder strength or for shoulder rehabilitation. The set is composed of four balls that weigh about nine to 12 ounces so, you can different balls once your arm strength improves.


The Xelerator is a lighter, softer and shorter tool that you can use when practicing throwing motions as it aids you in learning overhand and snap motions without stressing out your shoulders at the same time.

Tightspin Trainer

The Tightspin Trainer allows players to improve their ball throwing capabilities as it increases your speed as well as the rate of the spin.

Finch Windmill

The Finch Windmill aids you in improving your throwing prowess, making it harder and faster as it enhances muscle strength, endurance and balance of the whole body. You would see a difference in you when you use this regularly.

What are you waiting for? Improve your game with these softball pitching tools.

Marc Dagneais is Softball Peak Performance Coach that helps softball players turn their athletic talent into extraordinary performances and help coaches get more out of their players, turn their struggling team around or get an edge over their opponents. Visit us to access our directory of FREE softball drills!

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