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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Softball Training - Learning the Right Attitude

Softball Training - Learning the Right Attitude

By Marc Dagenais

In softball training, you will not only train your body but your mind as well. You will not only need to know the right mechanics, you also need to know what should be the right attitude while undergoing training or while you are playing.

Here are some things you should do and some attitude that you must possess in order for your softball training to be successful:

· Dream and turn that dream into reality. Dreams are the reasons why you keep on hoping. If you dream that you will become a good softball player then you will. Be positive about it. Don't just dream because dreaming is only the beginning. You need to do everything to attain that dream.

· Commit yourself. If you decided to become a softball player then you must list some things that you want to achieve or skills that you want to possess and then commit yourself into this.

· Face your fears and your flaws. Identify what are the things that serve as a hindrance for you to achieve your goals and learn to face them one by one. Find a way to solve them and remove them. Don't let them conquer you; it should be the other way around.

· Plan. In all the things that you even in softball training or practicing, you must create plans. Successful people that you know nowadays succeed because they made concrete plans on their life. You would be like them if you will start making plans now. if you have a plan everything will be clear for you.

· Write down some notes about your experiences and improvements during softball training. Doing this will let you know what are the things that you have improved and what are the things that you still need to improve.

· Listen to the people around you. Our friends and all the people that surround us usually have great impact on us. If they are there to support and guide you then you must try to listen to them. Knowing that there are people who support and believe in you can really boosts your self confidence.

· Develop a good lifestyle. Bad lifestyle can affect how you play softball so you must learn to sacrifice. Partying all night, smoking, and drinking alcohol will not do you any good especially if you are a player.

· Have self- discipline. This is a characteristic that every person not only softball players must possess. This is like a magic ingredient that makes everything possible and makes every goal reachable.

Follow those softball training tips and for sure there's a big change that will come out in you, not for the worst but for the best.

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