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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Advice Corner: Training for Softball Hitting

Making your softball hitting power stay in the highest position can be easy and trouble-free when you have a guidance coming from experts and softball hitters, themselves. Everyone has their own share of opinion regarding the softball hitting techniques. Of course, there are no two persons alike. Similar softball players may appear but still they have a lot of dissimilarities when they play and execute the game.

One of the most difficult skills in any sports is the hitting. Aside from the difficulties of the skill, the complicatedness of giving instructions to the players also adds to the hardship. Sharing and demonstrating a skill in the softball hitting is very hard because the players have a different understanding of the many skills that a trainer is about to teach. The different softball hitting combinations should also be well-thought off so that the reception of the training from the trainers to the trainee is relatively undemanding. Nevertheless, the instructions in some softball drill infield or outfield can be taught in one demonstration only.

With softball hitting, every player is required to plan his own set of directions and hitting drills and techniques in order to boost his own understanding and potential to the softball game, itself. Teaching the softball hitting techniques takes a lot of time, hard work and patience.

However, the initial thought to ponder most is that the training should not be extreme and radical. Start from the basic knowledge and styles, kick off with those that the player should know and then proceed gradually to the more and more tremendous softball hitting drills. Know what your players can do and cannot do. It is important to have a data sheet or daily evaluation page of each player so that you can identify who follows and who cannot follow at the desired drill time. The very young players have a different response on the training so use a style wherein they can easily adapt to it.

As a trainer, you should open your mind when you're training your player. This means that the softball hitting that works for him should be studied well and carefully analyzed. Do not reprimand him in an instant for using a softball hitting skill that you did not teach him. The players also have their own way of thinking. They have their own styles that work for them. Open your heart and mind to these possibilities.

There are also times that the trainers have a feeling of urgency. When they want something or when they train a particular softball hitting style, they want to see the immediate results at once! The game is not like that. Patience should be incorporated in every softball training. There should be an understanding from both sides that there is no perfection without trials.

When you have learned the value of patience, learn the basics of styles shared to you by the trainees. The common misconception when it comes to any training is that the trainer is the boss. He should be listened to. He should be obeyed. Well, partly true. But this has been an obsolete practice. Modern way of teaching is the use of the reciprocate process. You give them the techniques; you ask them about their techniques, too. In this way, you will be able to generate a lot of softball hitting powers that both of you can use in the coming of time.

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